How It Works
Streamline your tender/RFQ process and save cost today!

Our Priority
Automate your business

What if you could perform the tendering/RFQ process just at your fingertips? Say goodbye to the manual preparation of documents and the hassle of tedious data entry. Use the HorecaBid e-tender platform. It’s simple.

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Proven, Reliable and Efficient
Upgrade your tendering process and enjoy a smooth and efficient experience.

Upgrade your tendering process. Many of our satisfied customers love the efficiency. They love how reliable and secure this system is.

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Save Time
Make time for the more important things

Purchase merchandise and services at the optimum cost. How? With HorecaBid, you can:

  • Ensure compliance
  • Reduce risk
  • Increase profitability
  • Save time

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Advocating the 5 Rights


Increase corporate governance where everything is transparent and reliable.


Say goodbye stacks of paperwork. Go online. Manual and tedious paperwork can be eliminated.

Price Trend

Have internal spending analysis, access historical pricing records, and view indicative market benchmark.


Get connected with an increasing pool of suppliers of different product categories and enlarge your sourcing network


You will get a sense of continuity in the purchasing operation as you use a central management for all purchasing data.

Come onboard and experience the benefits of using the HorecaBid e-tender/RFQ platform today!