What is HorecaBid?

HorecaBid (formerly known as ixHSN Hotel Supplier Network) is an online hotel supplier network system in the cloud, providing hoteliers and suppliers a fast and easy way to collaborate with each other. It manages the entire tendering/RFQ cycle which keeps you abreast with the latest information on Tender notices, RFQ published by Hotel / Restaurant industries.
(A) System Requirement
Any System requirement recommended for the use of the system?
A basic computer with web browser is all that is needed.
What is the best web browser for the system?
It is recommended to use Google Chrome for the system. However, IE and other web browser that are well supported can be used too. To get the Google Chrome, please download the link
(B) Account Login
How do I subscribe for this service?
In order to use the system, user must register as a supplier by click on the Registration tab. No subscription fee is needed until you wish to participate the tender.
Why I can’t login after I register online?
Before you can login, you must activate your account by click on the link that is sent to your login registered email address.
Can I apply multiple subscriptions in order to get several user accounts in the name of the same company?
No. Only one user account can be applied with one Business Registration held by a company.
How many accounts ID will be given if supplier is supplying to more than one hotel?
You will be using the same account to manage tenders for multiple hotels.
What can I do if I forget my account name and password?
a) If you forget your password, Please click “Forgot Password” button on the login window On next pop up screen Fill in your username followed by security code and submit button. A temporary password will sent to your registered email address. b) If you forgot user name or registered email, please send email to info@hotelsuppliernetwork.com for resetting the account. Please note that we only accept formal request from your authorized contact (management information) who had registered in the supplier account profile.
The login in account holder is no longer working in our company, how can we change the account information?
You should send a formal letter, with company letterhead and authorized signature regarding the change of account holder to info@horecabid.com of fax to 1700-81-3933 for approval and update.
(C) Item
How do I upload my product?
Register an account for free, Login to the system, click on My Product on the left panel. To add new product, click “New Item”.
Can I upload Image of the product?
Can i upload halal cert to the system?
Can I insert specification of the product? (e.g. Chicken from Turkey)
Yes, you are able to insert the specification of the product, origin country of the product and even the brand as well.
(D) Tendering
How do I search for a tender?
You may browse the tender listings by click on “Listings” > “Tender Listings”, there you may find all tender listings that are currently available.
What is the different between Open and Closed Tender?
Open Tender means on-going tender meanwhile Closed Tender is a list of tender that has passed the closing date.
How do I know which tenders I have been invited?
You will receive an invitation email notice from the hotel. Do login to HorecaBid Supplier system. You will find a list of invited tenders under “Invited Tenders” tab. If you like to receive tender alerts via sms, please contact our helpdesk 03-7499 2420 or email us at info@horecabid.com.
What should I do if I want to participate in a tender but not being invited by the hotel?
You can directly contact the hotel purchaser and inform them you want to participate in which category. Hotel then will invite you to the related category and tender invitation email will be sent to your registered email address.
Why I can’t view and participate the invited tenders?
You will only be able to view and submit the tender after you have paid the subscription fees for the hotel.
How can I ensure that I will receive all related information through the HorecaBid system, such as invitation of tender / notification of new sales leads?
You must always keep and updated valid email contact in your Account Profile under the “My Account“ function and at the “My Profile/Contact Information” tab.
How frequently the tender database is updated?
Tender’s data is updated on real time.
Can I export tender to excel?
Yes. Please double click on the tender listing under “My Tenders” or submitted tenders under “Submitted Tenders” tab and click Export to Excel.
How to ensure that the tender has been submitted?
You will see the tender that you have submitted are being listed under “Submitted Tenders” tab.
What can I do if accidently quote the hotel wrongly?
You can inform hotel to revise the price. Revision on price can be done one time only. Under Submitted tender, the related tender will be highlighted in red with indication ‘Revise Price’ in the Remark column. Double click that tender, enter the revise price and Submit back to hotel. Hotel will receive your revise price immediately.
Can I view my previous submission tenders?
Yes. Please login to HorecaBid Supplier system, Go to My Tender, you will find a list of submitted tenders under “Submitted Tenders” tab.
Will my tender be confidential?
Yes. Your tender will be confidential between you and the prospective client. Your submission tender are sealed, no one will be able to access and view you tender content until the deadline has passed. Your tender can only be viewed by the authorized user of your client.
(E) Payment
When must the tender fees be paid by the supplier and how much?
Supplier has to pay the tender fees to Horecabid Sdn Bhd, the owner of HorecaBid prior to the supplier's submission of their hotel tender proposal or quotation. Fee charges are based on per tender per hotel basis or half-yearly package/yearly package per hotel.
After I have paid the tender fees for a particular hotel's (example: Hotel xyz) tender, do I have to pay for the next tender from the same hotel ( Hotel xyz )?
Yes. You are required to pay the tender fee for the next tender according to the Tender Fees Structure as mentioned. However if you have opted for half-yearly package for the particular hotel, you do not have to pay for the tender fees of the subsequent tenders issued by that hotel within the 6 months period. Or if you have opted for one year package for the particular hotel, you do not have to pay for the tender fees of the subsequent tenders issued by that hotel within the 12 months period
What happens to my previous subscription fee which I have paid or renewed last year and has not expired?
Your previous subscription fee is only valid for one year from the date you had paid or renewed your subscription for that particular hotel (hotel ABC). The new model of charging the tender fees as mentioned is effective from 1 January 2017 onwards. You can use your pro-rated balance of your last year's subscription to pay for the tender fees for the tenders issued by the same hotel (hotel ABC) this year according to the tender rates. You cannot use your pro-rated balance to pay for the tender fees of other hotels.
Why should supplier pay for the subscription fees and how is it useful to us?
HorecaBid is an online resource that provides business opportunities at very competitive charges, you may only able to view and participate the invited tenders after you have paid the subscription fee. You will also enjoy the benefits below: a) 24 hours Online store front to showcase all your products to targeted market segment of customers ie hotels or restaurants (unlimited products or services). b) Receive email alerts of new business, increase your business opportunities and reduce time to source for leads. c) Submit quotations for tenders online 24 hours a day and save on paper tendering costs and logistics. d) A central system to store and manage quotations and tenders to customers (easy access for future quotations and tenders). e) Invited to attend Supplier Hotel Networking session to meet up new hotels.
How to pay the subscription fees?
Please bank in to: HorecaBid Sdn. Bhd., CIMB Bank Berhad, Account No: 8008 543 148 & email your bank-in slip to: info@horecabid.com, stating your company name, date of payment and for which hotel.
Where can I find my subscription validity period?
Please login to HorecaBid Supplier system, Go to My Account, under the “Contract” tab, you will find your subscription details.
When should supplier make payment?
You can make payment anytime, whenever you are invited to participate the tendering.
Is the Subscription fees refundable?
Once you have granted to view and participate the tender, the subscription fee is not refundable.